Uganda (The Pearl of Africa)

Uganda is a beautiful country in East Africa,it is well known as “the pearl of Africa”  an Evergreen environment and Angelic destination, it is landlocked tucked between four countries, kenya to the East, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, Tanzania to the South, and the Republic of Southern Sudan to the North, Uganda is famous for Mountain Gorillas( Gorilla beringei beringei), a subspecies of the Eastern gorilla, the populations live in the Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahinga National park to the Southwestern part of the country, besides the two parks, the lovely country is composed of 10 conservation gazette areas, these include Murchison Falls National park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Mountain Elgon National park, Kibale Forest National park, Lake Mburo National park, Semuliki National park, Mountain Rwenzori National park and Kidepo Valley National park, these serve as homes to wildlife each of which identifies itself with unique animal features.

The lovely  country occupies an area space of approximately 236040 square kilometers lying at an average altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. Uganda is subdivided into four regions east, west, central and the North its capital being Kampala, the official language most spoken is English and Kiswahili comes second for those in the rural areas, the capital of uganda Has got Buganda kingdom, ruled by a Kabaka, the amalgamation of cultures in uganda is quite impressive each of which describes themselves with unique customs, norms and traditions, these are categorised in four ethnic groups, the bantu, nilotics, Nilo hamites and hamites. 

Uganda the pearl of Africa has a rich biodiverse ecosystem comprised of beautiful flora and fauna, it is known for its very hospitable people and wonderful attractions, there are a lot of unexploited resources boasting with habitats, landscapes, and the green vegetation ranging from open wooded savannah forest, acacia woodlands, grasslands, tropical rainforest, water bodies to marshy swamps.

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